Ordering at Frank

Ordering is easy at Frank. It doesn't matter whether you use a tablet, smartphone, or PC. As soon you see a product you want, just click on the "Add to cart" button. We'll explain the ordering process for you.

Shopping cart

As soon as you place an item into your shopping cart, a pop-up will appear on your screen near the shopping cart icon. Here you'll see which product you're ordering and how much everything costs. You can continue shopping. As you continue to add things to your shopping cart, a pop-up will appear displaying the current contents and total price of your order. Done shopping? Simply click on the Shopping cart icon and then on the button 'Overview and place order.' Next you'll see the shopping cart page, which will show an overview of your order. Would you like more items of the same product? Do you want to remove items from your basket? You can do all that on this page with one simple click. To complete the ordering process, click on 'Your information.'

Your shipping information

On the information page, enter your details. Have you shopped with us before? Then click on the button, 'Order faster by logging in.' You won't have to enter your information again. Would you like us to send your order somewhere other than your home address? You can do that, too! At the bottom of the page, you can enter a different delivery address. You can also return to your order summary from the information page. Under the heading, 'Order', you can edit your order. You can also enter any available coupon codes. Done filling out your information? Click on the button, 'Overview and payment.'

Overview and payment

On the 'Overview and payment'-page, you'll see your invoice and delivery address. You'll also see your order summary again. It is still possible to edit your order at this point. Are you sure you want to order? Choose a payment method and click on the button ' Pay now.' You'll be taken to the payment page. Depending on the payment method you have chosen, you may have to enter more information. Follow the instructions that appear on-screen. To complete your order, click 'Send.' An order confirmation will appear shortly on our site. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail shortly afterwards.

Deliver your order to another country

Everyone in Europe can order products on our web shop in a country where Frank is active. However, please contact our customer service if you want to have your order delivered to a country other than the country of the Frank web shop where you are currently ordering from. Not all products are eligible to be shipped abroad, and additional charges such as shipping fees and handling costs may apply.

Need help?

Did you a get stuck during the ordering process? There is no such thing as a stupid question. You can always get in touch with our customer service. Our employees are here to help.