Information about kitchen knives

Are you looking for a new set of kitchen knives, or are you ready to invest in a decent chef's knife? Perhaps you still have some questions about what type of knife do you exactly need, or what do you need to take into account when purchasing the right knife for you. No need to worry, I have gathered all the answers and created this information page to help you find the perfect knife for you.

Different types of knives

When you'd like to give your kitchen utensils an upgrade, it is important to know what types of kitchen knives you will need. When preparing a decent meal, you will need to have a small range of knives to avoid cooking frustrations and hangry faces. But which knives are of absolute essence? Will you need a specific chef's knife, a santoku knife or a fillet knife? I will tell you all the ins and outs of different types of kitchen knives, so you will know which one is the right knife for you.

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The anatomy of a knife

I will tell you what you need to take into account when purchasing a kitchen knife. Perhaps you are confused why there are such price differences between various knives, and the difference between a European or Asian designed knife. And what is meant by the hardness of the steel of a knife? I have explored the wondrous world of kitchen knives to explain all the answers to you.

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The right use and care

You will expand the life and usability of your chef's knife by taking good care of it and decently store it. This way, you will enjoy their sharpness the longest. The question is, how will you maintain your knives the best? And what is the best way to clean and store your knife? I am here to give you all the answers.

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