Searching for the right telescope? We give you advice!

Finding the right telescope for you, can be difficult. There are many unfamiliar notions and there are many features and factors that influence your observations in their own way. To help you on your way in the world of astronomy, we have created this information and advice page. Here you will find information and tips that can can be of great use!

Frank's tip: the choice of the expert

At Telescopeplanet, you will find a large selection of telescopes and accessories. So it may well be that you cannot see the wood for the trees. That is why we are happy to help you make the right choice. Frank's tip advises every astronomer a suitable telescope, for each level we have a suitable advice. Would you rather like tips and tricks on which telescope you need to see the moon or planets the best? We have also thought about this. Furthermore, we provide tips on which telescope gets the most out of your budget and which telescope suits you if you want to do astrophotography. We have taken into account the price-quality ratio and the different types of telescopes. This way you will easily and quickly find the perfect telescope for you!

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Explanation about telescopes

When you want to buy a telescope, it is important that you find a telescope that exactly meets your wishes. But how do you know which telescope suits you? We are happy to help you with that. On this information page, we will guide you through the questions that might arise with purchasing the right telescope. For example, we give you information about the different types of telescopes, such as the refractor, reflector and catadioptric telescope. After reading this information page you also know which telescope is suitable for observing, for example, the moon or planets. In short, we will guide you through the world of telescopes so that you can start working with your new telescope right away!

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Tips for the novice astronomer

Astronomy is a challenging hobby that requires a lot of patience and practice. For a novice astronomer, observing the moon is already an impressive activity, while an expert can concentrate more on astrophotography. On this page we inform you about telescopes and give tips for beginning astronomers. Not only the telescope itself is important for your new hobby, but also other aspects such as weather conditions determine the quality of your observations. After reading about various factors that influence your observation, you know about all the ins and outs, and are ready to become an expert!

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